Rosie & Jamie


A late August weddings at Colstoun House near Haddington. Rosie was wanted a simple palette of white, greens and meadow grasses. For her bridesmaids she wanted them to have different coloured bouquets to work well with blue lace dresses. The buttoholes were also to have their own individual element as well. It was a perfect season for berries and grasses as autumn was just starting to show. We also arranged flowers and foliage in an old chemistry set that her Mum collected from a chemistry lab that was closing down. This whole wedding sung with individuality and creativity. 

Rosie: “You really went above and beyond our vision and your arrangements were all just stunning!”

Venue was Colstoun House

Food was done by Ror’s Kitchen using locally sourced produce by East Coast Organics. 

Rosie’s Dress designed and handmade by Kyokoueda and Myedenbridal

Photographs were done by one of Rosie and Jamie’s good friends.

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