As well as florists we are flower farmers. You will often find us tending to our flowers in our walled garden and polly-tunnel. We grown purposefully for our clients. Our flowers are much more fragrant than imported flowers, they also tend to have much more interesting shapes and fluidity. This is what complements our displays and installations.

With every season I gain new inspiration, I love wintery the months for their gnarly lichen twigs and dusty light, the snowdrops peaking through the moss and dead leaves, the new green coming through and that transition to the vibrant colours summer bings. Then slowly but surely the autumn dried our meadow grasses and turns the bracken from dark green to a magical mustard yellow, and my favorite - the beech trees turning into wirely auburn sculptures.

I am happiest when creating something wild and unconventional, I make our floral arrangements look as if they were naturally growing in situ. I love collaborating with our clients to bring something new, fresh and inspiring. This is helped by using as much locally grown blooms and greenery as we can with the addition of our own home grown flowers.

We are based in Perthshire but will go anywhere the next adventure takes us!


Flowers from the Farm

We are very passionate members of Flowers from the Farm and support or growers as much as we can by using the locally grown blooms. Not only do these blooms offer a much stronger fragrance but they also look much more natural embracing the quirky wriley stem mother nature blessed them with.

We’re also big on bees here in the Ochills. We host a beekeeper with a number of hives in the fields surrounding The Secret Garden, have a jam-jaw of sugar water available and we grow purposefully to extend the bees’ summers as far as possible. Hearing their gentle hum in the warmer months is our idea of heaven.


Meet Adelaide

My name is Adelaide and started my Secret Garden about 4 years ago. I first started with studying art at university. I then worked in a couple of galleries, one of which enabled me to test my installation skills using alternative materials. Although I was craving the dark and mysterious woods and the walled garden I grew up in. So me and my mum started to grow flowers by experimenting and with mother nature on our side we started to produce some amazing fragrant gems.

When I am not planting, jumping hedgerows or keeping busy in my dusty studio, I am walking the dogs, drinking wine and snuggling up to my bearded husband. Oh and I love a bath especially after a long weekend setting up a wedding.


“Adelaide was the perfect florist for our wedding day! She was very perceptive to our needs as not only did she understand our vision for a slightly more wild and informal approach to the flowers, but she was able to fulfill the wishes of the mother of the bride as well.

She handled all aspects of the wedding flowers; from the delightful head pieces, bouquets and button holes to the decorated candelabra in St Giles Cathedral and playful hanging hops in the marquee – all of which we loved.”

– Sarah Fraser